7 Insights into Yaghma Golrouee and Athena Habibi’s Artistic Odyssey in Music and Architecture


“At the intersection of music and architecture, Yaghma Golrouee and Athena Habibi stand as remarkable figures in their respective fields. Yaghma Golrouee, born on August 6, 1354, in Urmia, is celebrated for his talents as a songwriter, poet, author, and translator. From the early days of singing sessions in his father’s house to the formation of the ‘Song House,’ Golrouee’s artistic journey has been diverse and impactful.

Athena Habibi, an accomplished architectural designer, has carved her niche in the world of innovative and creative design. While specific details about her background may not be readily available, her influence is undoubtedly felt in the realm of architecture.

Golrouee’s professional life is marked by collaborations with various musicians and singers. His compositions found a place in albums like ‘Ta Hamhde’ by Amir Karimi and ‘Hich Hich Hich’ by Shahin Najafi. Controversies, such as disputes over authorship and translations, have added layers to Golrouee’s narrative. In 2014, concerns were raised about the authenticity of his translations, sparking a public exchange of statements.

In 2016, news agencies reported Golrouee’s collaboration with the IRGC-affiliated Oj cultural and artistic institute for music videos. His involvement in writing titles for Ramadan series and lyrics for television commercials has solidified his presence in Iranian media.

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February 8, 2024 | 6:20 pm