15 Tourist Attractions: Surprising Ratings of World’s Worst Spots

When we plan our vacations or trips, we often envision visiting iconic tourist attractions and experiencing the wonder they offer. However, not all famous landmarks live up to their reputation. In this eye-opening exploration, we reveal the lowest-rated tourist sights across the globe, and the results may surprise you. Let’s dive into the world’s worst-rated tourist attractions, as per Google reviews.

15. Forbidden City, China (5.41 out of 10)

The Forbidden City, a sprawling imperial palace complex situated in the heart of Beijing, has a rich history dating back to its commissioning in 1406 by an emperor of the Ming dynasty. It earned its name because access was barred to most subjects of the realm. However, despite its historical significance, some tourists expressed disappointment. They expected more from the interior, with one review describing it as “boring.” Another visitor found it “repetitive and expensive.”

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September 29, 2023 | 9:42 pm