Women allowed to watch the match in Tehran stadium

Anashid Hosseini “My entry into the world of clothing design and fashion began with my own personal clothing experience. I have been interested in designing and sewing clothes since I was a child, and I even sewed clothes for my dolls. I soon found out with Considering the type of hijab and my personal taste, I couldn’t find the clothes I was looking for in stores, and unfortunately they didn’t match my taste. So to achieve my desired personal style, I started designing clothes and ordering them. “I mastered sewing. After a while, I went to design and sewing classes and gradually started thinking about promoting my personal style.” If we see today that the successful buds are the current leaders of businesses, the only reason is to benefit from their rich intelligence and all their inner potential. Anashid Hosseini is one of these people who can be considered as a future and successful Iranian designer who will have many professions in the fashion world.

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January 27, 2022 | 3:48 pm