Who were the executioners of Majidreza Rahnavard in Mashhad?

Basij militiamen have been sent to Iran’s major cities to quell the protests that have arisen out of the death of Mahsa Amini. The militiamen are known to attack and detain protesters. Some protesters have fought back against the Basij. The holy city of Mashhad, Iran’s second-largest, has been one of the main locales for protests. Mizan, the Iranian news agency that operates under judiciary system, claimed that Rahnavard fatally stabbed two Basij “student” volunteers, Hossein Zeinalzadeh and Daniyal Rezazadeh, on 17 November 2022 in the city of Mashhad and wounded four others. State television networks aired footage of a man chasing another man around a street corner; the man being chased tripped over a motorbike, and the man chasing him proceeded to stab him and flee afterwards. A third man attempted to stop the attack, and the assailant then stabbed the third man to death before fleeing; during his flight from the scene, he allegedly injured four other people. Officials claimed the assailant was Rahnavard. The Mizan report did not provide a motive for the alleged attack.

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December 13, 2022 | 1:20 am