Who is the supporter of Shahrbanoo Mansourian who supported Alireza Dabir’s prayer in a meeting?

Some have interpreted the incident as a bribe. The inspiration of Elham Garchande first appeared in the role of a bribe giver, and the Mansourian sisters wanted to make a hat for themselves from this bribe, but they were betrayed by Garchandeh, and he did not fulfill his promise. Now the Mansourian sisters have come to the conclusion to reveal. Many have also asked Rokhandeh with what financial support he made this offer.After people criticized the Mansourian sisters, Shahrbanoo Mansourian tried to settle the situation in a video. He said: “My speeches were not fully broadcast; some people took advantage of them. I wish we didn’t judge too soon.” Of course, it seems that this attempt will be unsuccessful. The “Inqlab” sports complex, which has suitable facilities for exercise and training, implements strict regulations in the field of hijab, and for years, women and girls who go to this complex for sports have criticized the behavior and conditions prevailing there. Behaviors and restrictions that have now disturbed a famous athlete But he criticizes a procedure that he was the preacher of!

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April 14, 2023 | 8:58 pm