Who is Neymar’s sister? Rafaella Santos

Rafaela throws the biggest parties, especially on her birthday, March 11. This celebration is so big that Neymar never wants to miss it, and most of the time he finds a way to make it to his sister’s birthday party. When he was in Barcelona, he spent four years attending his sister’s birthday under different excuses, and finally last year he broke the spell and played for Paris Saint-Germain on his sister’s birthday. Suspensions and injuries allowed the world’s most expensive player to return to Brazil and be with his younger sister on numerous occasions. Neymar’s annual absence even made his teammates at Paris Saint-Germain joke that if a team wanted to sign Neymar, they would have to negotiate with him about his sister’s birth. Rafaela had a Disney-themed birthday in 2015.

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January 25, 2023 | 11:57 pm