What is the story of Mahya Snavandi’s marriage, the young face of radio and television?

Mahya Snavandi, the young face of our country’s radio and television, who rose to fame with the program Three Points and a joint performance with Mojde Lavasani, published her wedding ceremony with one of the famous television producers on her personal page in July of this year, and they recently planned to have a wedding ceremony. to hold their wedding, which the host said that she postponed her wedding due to the health of her guests due to Corona. Read more about the artistic and personal life of this young and attractive performer in Persian. After that, due to his family’s business issues, he migrated to Dubai with his father, and there he continued to act as a presenter and was present at the ambassador’s farewell ceremony and other events as a presenter. Mahya returned to homeland with his family and again pursued the career of a presenter, appearing in the Three Points program.

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April 18, 2023 | 7:58 pm