The Inspiring Story of Vahid Ronoghi and Nayirah Hatamikia: A Power Couple in Media and Cinema

The Inspiring Story of Vahid Ronoghi and Nayirah Hatamikia

Vahid Ronoghi, a famous radio host, has made a significant impact in the media industry. Alongside him is his wife, Nayirah Hatamikia, the daughter of the illustrious Iranian film director Ebrahim Hatamikia. Their story, enriched by their child Nora, is a testament to the blending of two influential legacies in media and cinema.

Vahid Ronoghi: A Radio Host Extraordinaire

Vahid Ronoghi has captivated audiences with his charismatic voice and insightful commentary. His shows often blend entertainment with thought-provoking discussions, making him a beloved figure among listeners. Ronoghi’s ability to connect with his audience has earned him a loyal following and numerous accolades in the radio industry.

Nayirah Hatamikia: Daughter of a Cinematic Legend

Nayirah Hatamikia, Vahid Ronoghi’s wife, is the daughter of Ebrahim Hatamikia, a towering figure in Iranian cinema. Born on September 23, 1961, Ebrahim Hatamikia is a distinguished film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, and actor, celebrated for his films depicting the Iran-Iraq War’s impact on Iran. His works are revered for their profound exploration of social changes and the trauma experienced by soldiers and their families during and after the war.

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June 25, 2024 | 7:20 pm