Unlock Your Future: US Air Force Pay and Benefits Guide

Salary Structure:

The pay of US Air Force employees is largely influenced by their rank and the years they have spent serving in this department. Below are the monthly basic salaries for various ranks of employees:

E-1 Basic Airman: $2,017.2 (less than 2 years of service) $2,017.2 (10 years of service)

E-2 Flier: $2,261.1-$2,261.1

E-3 First Class: $2,377.5-$2,680.2

E-4 Senior Airman: $2,633.7-$3,197.4

E-5 Second Sergeant: $2,872.2-$4,052.1

E-6 Technical Sergeant: $3,135.6-$4,387.7

E-7 Master Sergeant: $3,624.9-$4,886.4

Plus other E-8 Master Sergeants (various)

Officers (O-1 to O-8): Salaries range from $3,826 to $14,641.

Benefits Overview:

Apart from their base salary, there are a range of other benefits that every Air Force personnel enjoys, including:

All-inclusive medical and dental care

Full payment for sick leave days taken off work
Affordable life insurance coverage
Living quarters allowances if living off-base.

Retirement after twenty years’ service
Tuition aid plus student loan repayment schemes.
30 days of paid leave
Discounts offered by hotels and entertainment facilities to military personnel
On-base availability of many recreational activities.

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April 12, 2024 | 7:56 pm