Traditional Bath “Hammam” in Homeland

The construction of the first baths in Iran dates back to 3000 years ago. In Persian literal texts, the first construction of Hammam is attributed to King Jamshid, the Mythic king of Iran. Cleanness was one of the conditions for participating in Zoroastrian religious ceremonies, and therefore the existence of a bath was necessary to meet this need. According to this thought, the dependence of clean body and clean mind on each other was considered a great blessing. For this reason, they always washed themselves in order to remove pollution and sins, and temples were arranged in favor of the goddess Anahita, the guardian of the water. Although we do not know the rituals in Anahita temples, but most likely the purification ceremony was performed in connection with water. After the arrival, bathing continued to retain its religious aspect, and most baths were built near mosques or markets and in the city center.

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September 1, 2021 | 6:46 pm