Tips for Packing Shoes and Boots by Tina Akhondtabar

If you need or want to pack boots, look for pairs that are lightweight and made of bendable materials (rubber and nylon, for example). And, if you happen to be traveling with shoe spikes or crampons for a better grip on snow and ice, make sure you put them in your checked bag rather than trying to carry them on. If your shoes are relatively clean, and you can’t compress or bend them in your suitcase, don’t let that empty space go to waste. Fill your footwear with socks, jewelry, belts, chargers, adapters, makeup, and other smaller items. Packing items inside your shoes has another benefit as well: it can help them maintain their shape. Packing shoes is one of the trickiest parts of packing well. By thinking strategically about your shoe choices and packing carefully, you can make the most of every square inch of suitcase and have the shoes you need on your adventures.

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December 10, 2021 | 7:32 pm