The wedding photos of the actress Nilofar Parsa, which became controversial

This young actor, who started his artistic career with the popular TV series Awai Baran, played a different role in the movie “Man and Charmin,” directed by Bijan Shirmarez. On the pretext of the release of the movie Me and Sharmeen, we have collected pictures of the young actress in this movie, Nilufar Parsa, which you will see below. Niloufer Parsa married Milad Asdalahi (a photographer) at the end of Bahman 1401. She was able to take her first steps in the field of acting with a short appearance in several films and series. The series “Perhaps it will happen to you” was one of the series with which he took his first step as an actor. In addition to acting, Mrs. Nilufar Parsa was also interested in sports and was active in gymnastics and yoga, which explains why she is in good shape.

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March 29, 2023 | 9:34 pm