The TV presenter “Soheila Golzar” and mother of Tala Golzar, a model in America

2010 continued for Golzar with more accomplishments as she became the hostess for a weekly TV show on MTC International Channel. Topping the year off, on Christmas 2010, she hosted a huge concert. This concert consisted of a 3,000-person audience and many prominent Iranian singers. She began 2011 by hosting the popular fashion show Marmar Design at the Universe Hilton. She also appeared in Dina Barel’s runway fashion show in the Playboy mansion. Later, she became the featured cover girl for Behtarin Magezin in London, Pooshesh in Iran, Fixe in the US, Simorgh in Canada, and Bist, which was published in Europe and Malaysia. She is the first female model whose face appeared on an Iranian magazine’s cover. Beside her passion for modeling and fashion, Golzar is also an artist and excels in painting, calligraphy, and sketching. She also designs clothing lines for special occasions.

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April 11, 2023 | 9:10 pm