The TV Presenter Shally Zomorodi hosting the singer Shahram Shabpareh for Cooking session

Do your best as a beginner to follow the recipe, but also give yourself permission to deviate if the current situation means you don’t have an ingredient or piece of equipment on hand. Every recipe not written during World War II or in spring 2020 assumes a certain American bourgeois abundance. There’s been a run on garlic? Your tomato sauce will lack some pleasure, but it will still be tomato sauce. Only a few things will utterly wreck a non-baked good: burning it, undercooking it, oversalting it, or, in certain cases, depriving it of moisture. Undersalting will make things taste flat and disappointing, but you can still eat them. Oil plus salt plus fire is as basic as cooking gets, and if you have those things and something you can cook, you have a meal.

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June 9, 2022 | 5:24 pm