The Singer “Mojgan Shajarian” and family in the U.S.

Empowering Through Art: Mojgan Shajarian’s Ever-Unfolding Legacy

Mojgan Shajarian’s artistic odyssey not only persists but flourishes as a beacon of empowerment and creative liberation. Born in Tehran on May 17, 1970, Mojgan embodies the spirit of an artist who transcends boundaries, both artistic and societal.

In her recent Instagram post, Mojgan’s call for understanding echoes beyond her personal journey, reaching out to those who may have preconceived notions about her. This emphasis on mutual comprehension, rather than self-justification, underscores her commitment to fostering a space where art can be appreciated beyond judgment.

Mojgan’s educational journey, enriched by degrees in painting, graphic communication, and music, exemplifies her dedication to honing diverse artistic skills. Her marriage to Mohammad Ali Rafiei not only ties her to a familial musical legacy but also serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of her personal and artistic life.

Despite facing challenges, especially in the music industry with its restrictions on women’s voices in Iran, Mojgan’s resilience shines through. “Arghavan,” her independent album released in April 2019, stands as a poignant declaration of creative autonomy. With compositions by Sorena Sefati and featuring the poetic brilliance of revered writers, the album speaks a universal language that resonates beyond cultural and geographical confines.

Mojgan Shajarian ( born 17 May 1970) is an singer, painter, graphic designer and setar player. She is daughter of Mohammad-Reza Shajarian. Mojgan Shajarian was born on 17 May 1970. She holds a bachelor’s degree in painting and a master’s degree in graphic communication from the Azad University, and also a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of the Arts.

Despite the challenges presented by the music industry’s restrictions on women’s voices in Iran, Mojgan’s artistry remains unwavering. Her independent album, “Arghavan,” released in April 2019, orchestrates a symphony of emotions. Composed by Sorena Sefati and featuring the profound verses of esteemed poets, the album becomes a universal language, transcending cultural and geographic borders.

The decision to share “Arghavan” freely online is a crescendo of artistic defiance, breaking free from the confined spaces of societal norms. Mojgan extends an invitation to a global audience to immerse themselves in the melodies of Iranian artistry, unfiltered and untamed.

As Mojgan Shajarian’s artistic symphony continues to resonate, it becomes an anthem for creative minds worldwide. Her story is a reminder that, like a well-composed symphony, art has the power to transcend limitations and harmonize diverse narratives. In each stroke of her brush and every musical note, Mojgan cultivates a harmonious world where understanding triumphs over judgment, and the universal language of art brings people together in a beautiful, collective crescendo.

Her first independent album was released in April 2019 under the name of Arghavan. This album was composed by Sorena Sefati. In this album, the poems of poets such as Hushang Ebtehaj, Mohammad-Reza Shafiei Kadkani and Hafez have been used. Mojgan Shajarian says about the name of this album: “The name Arghavan tells the story of the suffering of the people of our land, as well as those who have been forced to emigrate but have never taken root in their homeland.

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April 9, 2022 | 6:27 pm