The Singer “Reza Sadeghi” and Wifey in the picture

Reza Sadeghi initially picked up guitar lessons and recorded his first compositions, which were circulated in his home town years later. Facing financial difficulties, Sadeghi turned to music as a professional career. Initially appearing on live radio, Sadeghi released his first songs to a small reception, including the single Raz-e Eshgh (Secret of Love), and his first album of the same title. Sadeghi joined the band Kimia, releasing four more albums, until he left the group after the release of Gol-e Laleh. He gradually built up a base and organised concerts, including one in front of 15,000 at Sa’dabad Complex. He then moved to Mehrshahr, a small town near Karaj.

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January 15, 2022 | 7:23 pm