The luxury 32nd birthday party of the famous singer Ahlam featured a 6-tier birthday cake

Ahllam (born 1991) is a singer of Khaliji music, musician and dancer. She is known for her contributions to Persian pop music and arabic music. Ahllam was born and Her father was from Ahvaz, while her mother her mother from the capital. Her grandfather is of Dubai origins. developed an interest in music at a precocious age. Her family encouraged her to pursue music and solfège classes with pop and folk music celebrity Ebi. She started his activities and underground and then moved to Dubai and now lives there. After that he released the songs “Best”, “Devil”, “Del Divooneh”. And “I regret” performed by Avang Music. She is artwork is broadcast on Gala Networks and PMC TV.

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March 15, 2023 | 11:05 pm