The life secrets of Ronak Younesy and his wife in Toronto, Canada

Younisi married Mohsen Miri, with whom he had the experience of working on the series Free Fall. got married Mehrsam is the first son of Ronak Younisi, and Mehraz is the second son of Ronak Younisi. They were born in September 1996. Mohsen Miri, born on November 20, 1364, is a model and actor. He is one of the oldest people who has been active in the field of modeling and has received many invitations to work abroad, but he has always said that he likes to work in his own country. Ms. Ronak has recently turned 42 years old, and for her birthday party, she published several photos in which the actress’s appearance and clothing were strange to everyone, and many people wrote comments to her saying, “What kind of clothes are you wearing?” In response to Ronak Yunsi’s birthday photo, one of the users wrote: As a woman, I was really embarrassed by the painting behind her and her clothes and make-up to say that I am also. Don’t say you’re Iranian; I’ll put money into your account every month. The soil of two worlds in your head, for example, makes you a symbol of the distinguished and good people of our country.

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April 4, 2023 | 9:28 pm