The house of the richest man known as Mr. 13

Shortly after this meeting, the head of the central bank received a strong letter from the judiciary, asking why he was causing a headache for a hardworking entrepreneur like Hejbar Yazdani. After this letter of support, Hejbar went to Hoyda’s office and told his office manager, „Tell your boss that I took over the bank.“ In the event of the purchase of „Iranian Bank“, when Azar Ebtahaj found out from the bank’s board members that Yazdani had quietly bought 28% of the bank’s shares, he met Ayadi, who thought he was supporting Yazdani, and asked him to stop the aggressive takeover of the bank to be taken by Yazdani; But Ayadi didn’t help by arguing that the money Yazdani pays is enough, and finally bought Ibtahaj’s shares at three times the market price, stepping in the middle of Shah Yazdani.

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December 30, 2022 | 9:13 pm