The Former TV Presenter “Mahnaz pakravan” in homaleand

Be strategic in your network building. Write down which people can be valuable to you. Create your own “Dream 100“: a list of 100 people or companies that would be your dream network. Go there: to the events, to the restaurants, to clubs where there are people with similar or the same goals. Think carefully about where people who inspire you are. Always be present and either never or only rarely miss events that can take you further. At the same time, stay away from people who only waste your time, money and above all energy. However, entrepreneurial or financial added-value should only be of secondary importance. Always think about what you can bring into your network as added value. You will see that the result of your efforts will not be long in coming and will come back to you.

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October 9, 2021 | 9:01 pm