The first public appearance of Negar Javaherian’s wife Rambad Jovan without the mandatory hijab 

The published photo of the discovery of Hijab Negar Javaherian, Rambad Jovan’s wife, has been widely shared on Instagram. In this picture, which was recorded in a veterinary clinic and shared on social networks, Negar Javaherian, a former actress, can be seen without a hijab. After the end of the sixth season of Khandoane, young Rambad announced in April 1998 that he decided to be with his wife for a few months until the birth of their daughter, and some time later, the story of Rambad Jovan and Negar Javaherian’s trip to Canada came up. At first, many people thought that the couple had gone to Canada for the screening of Murphy’s Law, but the publication of a photo of them in Canada and the marginalization of Rambad Javan announced that their purpose in being in Canada was not only for the screening of Murphy’s Law, and it became clear that Bechanegar Javaherian and Rambad Jovan are born in Canada.

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March 15, 2023 | 8:31 pm