The first and oldest pilot of Iran Air passed away

His friends and students have described him, who was a Zoroastrians and a lover of his country, as “a smart pilot, a valuable friend, a kind teacher, a noble person, witty, loyal to his profession, experienced, knowledgeable, and cultured”. Jahangir’s father was from Yazd, and Mobadzadeh and his mother were from Mobarakeh. Due to the strictness imposed on Zoroastrians in Qajri, his family was forced to migrate to India. Although he was born in Bombay and the Parsi language of India is Gujarati and not Farsi, he grew up with love for and the Shahnameh from his childhood with the efforts of his father. It was in India that he finished his studies and then learned to pilot. During the Second World War, he went to the Indian Air Force, which was under the control of the British.

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April 22, 2023 | 8:54 pm