The Director of photography “Hooman Behmanesh” and wifey

He has also served as assistant director on several films, the most notable of which is “Naff”. Hooman Behmanesh also experienced planning and editing in that film. Finally, it was in 2006 that he began his independent career as a director of photography with the movie “Those Three” directed by Naqi Nemati. Hooman Behmanesh is now regarded as one of the most experienced directors of photography in cinema. He is also a member of the Iranian Cinema Short Film Association, the National Elite Foundation of Iran, the Asian Pacific Academy of Motion Picture Science and Technology. Film ‘Sweet’ was a sweet adventure that Hooman Behmanesh experienced in his second independent work with Abbas Kiarostami. Then, he became one of the most prolific cameramen in cinema.

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May 31, 2022 | 7:26 pm