The closing ceremony of the 40th Fajr International Theater Festival

Minutes before the ceremony, research books for the 41st Fajr Theater Festival were unveiled. The unveiling ceremony of these books was held in the presence of Mahmoud Salari, Deputy Minister of Guidance; Kazem Nazari, Director General of Performing Arts; Kourosh Zarei, Festival Secretary; and Ayub Aghakhani, Director of the Playwriting Department. “Theory and practice of directing, acting, and performance,” “Performance in the East and West,” “Selected Plays of the 41st Fajr” in 2 volumes, and “About theater, dramatic literature, and creative performance” were the books of this period of the festival, which of course have only been unveiled and will be released later by the show’s publications.

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February 2, 2023 | 4:35 am