The annoying insult of the TV presenter about Gul Mohammadi/”Yahi Plastici”

With the insistence of one of my friends and the condition that if I didn’t want to go back behind the camera, I could perform a concert program, I liked being in front of the camera, and I stayed. He remembers his life. Then, as the director of the contest “Mr. Fireman” for Channel Five, he was nominated for the best director of the field contest in the Jam Jam Festival. In 2017, he was offered to perform on TV by Mustafa Hiyudi (producer), and thus he entered a film network with the program “You and iFilm.” A few months later, as the director of the successful competition “Panj Setare” with the performance of Hamid Gudarzi for the Tehran network, he was the director of the “Akhtiaryeh” program.

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December 23, 2022 | 9:29 pm