The Actress “Nasrin Moghanloo” enjoying time with family in north of the homeland

Nasrin Moghanloo (born June 22, 1968) is a stage, film and television actress. I cringe every time I hear about an actor blowing off an audition, yet casting directors and agents say this all the time. Big budget projects get thousands of submissions, and it’s not uncommon for smaller budget and indie projects to get at least a couple of hundred per role. So yes, if you land one of those audition spots, which are usually 20 – 30 at the outside, it’s gold! You are already in the top 10% or even less. Respect the project, the people and the process. If you really feel that the role is not a good fit for you or you have a conflict with dates, let everyone know upfront. The industry is smaller than you think and memories are long.

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July 21, 2022 | 8:11 pm