The Actress “Maral Farjad” with her father in Budapest

Maral Farjad Born in an artistic family, Maral Farjad started learning fine arts since the very beginning. Participating in theaters and movies from a very young age is a proof of how dedicated she and her family were in cultural roots and performing arts. Studying in the school of science gave her and academic education to be added to her natural talent and use it to her dedication towards her proficiency. Graduating from the School of photography in Azad Islamic university of Architecture and Fine Arts and participating in different theaters, TV movies and movies, gave her a great experience in seventh art industry. Jalil Farjad’s daughter though, started her serious career after her graduation. Jalil Farjad (was born 1951 in Marand, East Azerbaijan) is a theater, cinema and TV actor.

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June 25, 2022 | 6:06 pm