The Actor “Maziar Salehi Lorestani” with his new haircut in the capital

Maziar Lorestani put an end to the rumors by publishing a photo of his marriage to his wife and children and their immigration from Iran on his Instagram page and wrote: “All my actions for gender reconciliation are legal and religious.” I have never married anyone until today, because I basically did not have the conditions. The beginning of these changes goes back years ago, and it was not at all the beginning of the resident, and I am still in my treatment cycle, and the changes take time. I am a child of this land and I live and work with honor in this society and alongside these honorable people, and I feel it necessary to express my gratitude to the protection of the Ministry of Guidance and the judiciary, the forensic organization, etc. I announce Vadod Lorestani has published the following photo of herself as Vadod Lorestani. And some people mentioned her gender change under her post. If you go to her house, you will see a lot of cats.

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September 3, 2022 | 10:04 pm