The Actor “Danial Hakimi” with family in the picture

Danial Hakimi (March 6, 1963) is a film, stage, TV, and radio actor/director. Hakimi was born in Shahrud. He graduated from Radio acting school, and studied Acting with Hamid Samandarian. He started his professional acting career by playing as Oceanus, in Prometheus Bound tragedy and performed in many notable roles on stage. He went on to film work, beginning with 2001 Inventor, followed by What’s Up? and My Eyes for You. Hakimi, had successful performances in many Television series including Asleep & Awake, Love province, Paternal House, Passenger, Evil Mind, and The Gradual Death of a Dream. In 2007 he won the 24th Fajr International Theater Festival award for best performance in the leading role, for the role of Bahman Ahang in the Melody of the Rainy City drama, written by Akbar Radi.

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January 17, 2022 | 7:46 pm