The Actor and veteran “Reza Iranmanesh” with wife in homeland

Mohammad-Reza (born September 10, 1967, Jiroft) Iranmanesh has a Bachelor’s degree in Acting from the University of Tehran and a Master’s degree in Directing from Tarbiat Moallem University. He is a veteran of sacred defense against invading Iraq in the 1980s. Adapting mentally to your new life is the biggest concern for veterans. You used to have your day planned out for you and stayed emotionally detached from yourself and in relationships. But if you want to function in the society that has to change over time. So, look inwards and focus as much time on your psychological well-being, as you do on your physical health. The military used to take care of your needs, but civilian life requires you to take care of yourself.

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January 8, 2022 | 7:59 pm