Tareena Shakil: The Story of a Dangerous ISIS Woman Who Becomes a Model

Tarina Shakeel was the first British woman to be prosecuted for joining ISIS, but she has now emerged as a model online after serving time in prison. After changing her name, Tarina Shakil has gained hundreds of Instagram followers from her fashion content and posts photos of her outfits all over the world. The woman often tags big brands like Versace and Bershka and tries to increase her influence, describing her Instagram page as a place for style and inspiration. This English mother first left Birmingham for Syria in 2014 with her 14-month-old son after joining the ISIS terrorist group at the age of 26. She, who gave up her life as a healthcare worker to join the terrorist organization ISIS, lived in a house with other women who were waiting to marry foreign fighters.

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May 1, 2023 | 10:03 pm