Spectacular color pictures for the first time of Qajar women by Antoine Sorogin

Some photos from the collection of the famous photographer Antoine Sorogin during the Qajar era have been published in color. Here you will find some of the photographs that Anton Sorogin (aka Anton Khan) captured during the Qajar era of women of various classes. In between, you can see photos of the women of the Naseri harem as well as pictures of ordinary women. The high quality of these photos, obtained from different archives, has made it possible to convert them into transparent color photos. The technology of coloring black-and-white photos, which is easily available these days through various software, is a possibility that can turn the past into something close to today. With this technique, photos taken more than a hundred years ago can sometimes look unbelievably fresh.

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May 6, 2023 | 11:13 pm