Simple and complete answers to 12 questions that we have all asked ourselves many times

Having to put your devices on airplane mode—or turn them off entirely—while on an airplane is frustrating, especially when you’re on a business trip and need to stay in touch with the office or are flying with kids on a long-haul journey. It’d be great if you could keep using the Internet as you make your way from here to there. But do airplanes have Wi-Fi? Good news: More and more airlines are making in-flight Wi-Fi available, so you can stay connected midair. But how in the world does it work 36,000 feet above the earth? And what does Wi-Fi stand for, anyway? The simple answer: It’s an airplane feature you may not be taking full advantage of. Let’s get science-y and soak up all the airplane facts you never knew could enhance your traveling experience.

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July 12, 2022 | 8:09 pm