Shokoufehnow Cabaret: A Vibrant Saga of Iconic Artists and the Evolution of Entertainment in 1970s Tehran

Hijazi’s visionary approach shaped the identity of Shokoufehnow Cabaret. Infusing both entertainment and indulgence, he introduced alcoholic beverages alongside captivating performances, aligning with evolving tastes. This infusion of sensory experiences drew inspiration from global cabaret scenes, bringing influences from America and Europe to the heart of Tehran. The triumph of Shokoufehnow Cabaret echoed beyond its walls, prompting the rise of similar establishments that aimed to capture the essence of this newfound cultural phenomenon.

Comedy: A Lighthearted Symphony

Amidst the crescendo of music and dance, the comedic notes of Shokoufehnow Cabaret played a harmonious tune. Saber Atashin, a comedic virtuoso, and his young daughter “Gogoosh” painted smiles across the faces of the audience. Gogoosh, a mere three or four years old at the time, collaborated with her father in crafting comedic sketches that resonated deeply. Their performances were among the era’s most cherished moments, knitting together family, humor, and the stage.

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August 18, 2023 | 9:43 pm