Epic Harmony: Shohreh Solati’s Ex-Partner Khosrow Nayebi, Family Saga, and Artistic Triumphs Unveiled

Shohreh Solati’s Musical Odyssey: Biography, Albums, and Collaborations

In the realm of Iranian music, Shohreh Solati’s journey stands as a testament to resilience, artistic prowess, and cultural impact. Born on January 4, 1959, in Tehran, Shohreh’s early exposure to a family of artists fueled her passion for music from a young age. Her debut album, “Dokhtar-e-Mashreghi” (“Eastern Girl”), marked the beginning of a musical odyssey that transcended borders.

As a singer with a voice that enchanted audiences since childhood, Shohreh’s formal training at the Tehran Conservatory of Music further refined her craft. The themes of her early albums garnered notability, and magazines aimed at Iranian youth in the 1970s contributed to her growing popularity.

However, the Iranian Revolution in 1979 brought unexpected challenges. Shohreh, facing restrictions on entertainers, left Iran before the revolution and settled in New York City, where she entered a marriage with Khosrow Nayebi. The challenges of establishing the exiled Iranian music community were met with resilience, and Shohreh’s involvement deepened after the birth of her daughter, Tanaz.

In 1982, Shohreh made a significant move to Los Angeles, becoming a part of the exiled Iranian music industry. Collaborating with various artists, she produced albums like “Jaan Jaan,” “Salam,” “Sedaayeh Paa,” and “Shenidam,” which resonated with nostalgia for pre-revolutionary Iran.

The late 1980s and 1990s saw Shohreh’s continued musical journey, marked by newer albums that earned critical acclaim. However, it was the release of the album “Zan” in 1994 that solidified her position, with themes emphasizing women’s rights and duties.

As the millennium turned, Shohreh’s discography expanded with albums like “Ghesseh Goo,” “Saayeh,” “Atr,” “Safar,” “Pishooni,” and “Havas.” These albums, produced outside Iran, outnumbered her pre-revolutionary releases.

In 2008, Shohreh held a concert at the Kodak Theatre to mark the release of her CD “Ashegham.” Subsequent albums like “Esrar,” “Maloomeh,” “Dooset Daram Naro,” “Bargard,” and “Shabet Bekheir” continued to showcase her enduring musical prowess.

A notable recent development is Shohreh’s partnership with the American company Kiava LLC in 2022. This collaboration aimed to manage her social media presence, responding to successive hacking incidents targeting the singer’s online platforms

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December 20, 2023 | 11:50 am