Shohreh Solati and Shahram Solati’s Unforgettable Christmas Celebration: A Musical Extravaganza to Remember!


At the heart of the holiday season lies an enchanting event – Shohreh Solati and Shahram Solati’s Christmas celebration. This musical extravaganza promises an unforgettable blend of Iranian charm and festive cheer, creating a night to remember for music enthusiasts and Christmas revelers alike.

Shohreh Solati’s Musical Journey: Shohreh Solati, born Fatemeh Solati Nayebi, has been a prominent figure in Iranian music since her early years. With a passion for music kindled at the Tehran Conservatory of Music, Shohreh’s journey led her to international acclaim and a successful career in exile. Her albums, such as “Zan” and “Ghesseh Goo,” showcase not only her vocal prowess but also her commitment to addressing women’s rights.

In recent collaborations, Shohreh Solati joined forces with the American company Kiava LLC in 2022 to manage her social media presence, ensuring fans stay connected and updated on her latest ventures.

Shahram Solati’s Musical Mastery: Shahram Solati, the brother of Shohreh, is celebrated for his musical mastery that transcends generations. A skilled pianist and clarinet player, Shahram’s immigration to Los Angeles after the 1979 revolution marked the beginning of a remarkable musical journey. His albums, including “Toba” and “Shahgol,” earned him the title of the “Shahgol of Iranian music.”

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December 27, 2023 | 4:20 pm