Sharon Stone Reveals Her Young Boyfriend Dumped Her Because She Wouldn’t Use Botox!

Sharon Stone is an all-time dime and one of the biggest sex symbols to ever grace the silver screen. And some young guy who got to date her threw that away because of some wrinkles? Gross. The Basic Instinct star spoke to Vogue Arabia for an interview published on Tuesday and did not hold back while complaining about the agism she’s experiencing in both her career and private life. Sharon Stone has revealed that she was dumped by a former flame after she refused to get Botox. Speaking to Vogue Arabia, while also posing for a stunning cover shoot, the mother-of-three confessed that while she has had the procedure in the past she no longer undergoes cosmetic enhancements following a near-fatal stroke in 2001. The 64-year-old actress confessed that her staunch anti-procedure stance came up when she was in a recent relationship with a younger man, who had asked if she’d ever Botox.

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September 1, 2022 | 10:22 pm