Shahnaz Tehrani: A Tale of Artistry, Courage, and Family Pride

The Exile Years and Creative Ventures

Shahnaz Tehrani’s journey took her to Los Angeles, where she joined forces with Iskandar Hojjati, known as Hajijun. Together, they created over 300 musical and comedy programs that gained immense popularity. Some of their unforgettable programs included “Uncle Vegetable Seller,” “Man Delam Mari Ro Mo Hai,” “Be a Photographer,” “Dekht Gol,” “Jeeran,” “Adult School,” “Semno Furosh,” and “Rashid Khan.”

After facing deportation from the United States due to a lack of work permit, Shahnaz Tehrani’s travels took her to Canada, Turkey, Israel, and Georgia. Each destination added new dimensions to her life story.

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October 8, 2023 | 6:19 pm