Shabnam Ebrahimi’s New Wife: Unveiling the Relationship with Shahram Azar

Who is Shabnam Ebrahimi’s new wife, Shahram Azar? Shabnam Ebrahimi, born in 1362, grew up in Brazil. With a significant age difference of 26 years, Shabnam Ebrahimi is married to Shahram Azar, a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines. Currently residing in America, Shabnam Ebrahimi’s Instagram pictures showcase her extensive travel experiences. Shahram Azar, nicknamed Sandy, is a 65-year-old singer and composer from Los Angeles who recently remarried after being single for a short period. However, his ex-wife has accused him of infidelity. On Tuesday, March 9, Shahram Azar announced his remarriage to 39-year-old Shabnam Ebrahimi by sharing pictures on his Instagram. Shortly after this announcement, Nasrin Kayani, Azar’s ex-wife, tweeted with the hashtag #treason, seemingly expressing her reaction to Azar’s remarriage.

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March 5, 2023 | 11:29 am