Unveiling 7 Methods Sepehr Heydari and Aram Jouyandeh Unleash Their Love for Music and Sports


While still playing soccer, Heydari met Jouyandeh at the Erika Iranian Bowling Center. Being a taekwondo champion, she also has a strong passion for music. Their meeting became a whirlwind romance that they weren’t expecting but couldn’t live without.

Their relationship has seen its fair share of issues, including public scrutiny and false rumors; however, all this did was bring them closer together as they defended each other’s dreams. That being said, they have taken a step back from sports after turning to coaching together.

They opened their academy called Sarkh Pushan Sepehr Kish on Kish Island, where their shared goal is to grow talent and foster love for the game. Even still, music continues to remain an important aspect of their lives, as Jouyandeh has emerged as one of Iran’s most promising new artists.

As they continue to chase their dreams while uplifting those around them, these two serve as inspiration to everyone who fears following their passion.

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March 21, 2024 | 10:29 pm