Sadaf Taherian: The Model and Actress Who Defied Convention


Sadaf Taherian, born on July 21, 1988, is a prominent figure in the world of modeling and acting. Her career has seen remarkable ups and downs, from her early days in Iranian cinema to her transformation into an international model. Taherian’s story is not just about her professional endeavors but also her courage to defy societal norms, especially in her stance against mandatory hijab in Iran.

Acting Career

Taherian’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her role in the film “Nobody, Nowhere” in 2011. This marked the start of her acting career, which would soon gain momentum. Over the years, she played pivotal roles in several television series, including “Woodpecker” (2011) and “Like a Dream” (2012).

A Bold Stand: Removing the Hijab

In October 2015, Sadaf Taherian made headlines when she took a courageous and controversial step. She decided to post unveiled photos of herself on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This act was more than just a model showcasing her beauty; it was a protest against the mandatory hijab in Iran.

Iran has required women to wear the hijab since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979. Taherian’s act of unveiling herself and speaking out against what she termed “dirty cinema” was a direct challenge to this deeply ingrained social norm.

She even clarified that her Instagram account hadn’t been hacked and that she had indeed left Iran for Dubai. This was a significant moment in her life and career, as it came with its set of consequences.

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November 3, 2023 | 6:59 pm