Russian woman who became the most beautiful woman in the world

Russkiy Mir reported that 9-year-old Evangelina Melnikova was named the most beautiful girl in Eurasia. The girl won the Best Children of Eurasia beauty and talent competition. Davydova also spoke about the difficulties of preparing for the beauty contest, which, for epidemiological reasons, was held in an online format. According to her, remotely participating in the competition was more difficult than showing yourself on stage, largely because the live broadcasts in which she went out were creative. “It’s quite difficult, and my husband and I staged a number based on the film “The Mask”, it reflects our personality and cheerful disposition, we shot a video with our dance, which the jury liked very much,” she said, adding that she presented a national costume for the competition and participated in a photo shoot in an evening dress, as well as in a bikini.

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January 13, 2022 | 6:17 pm