Reyhaneh Parsa’s new photo shoot in Istanbul

Hamed Angha and Behrang Tawfighi have been praised for choosing Parsa to play the role of Leila in the series Father, who was an unknown person at the time, and their work has been called “star-making.” According to film critic Arash Khoshkho, Parsa’s role in “Good, Bad, Jalf 2” was “the weak point of the film” and he “damaged the entire film.” He will release a short film called Zaman Yak Mahi, which will be his first experience as a director. After the end of the series “Father,” he immediately removed all his photos from his role in this series from his Instagram page and published photos “with a different appearance,” similar to the photos of the models. He wrote: “I, Rehane Parsa, a girl who, from now until forever, if anyone knows her, is because of the series Father (she will never forget this),” If I see a photo that is significantly different from the last few months, I will mention it in this post.There was and is no special stance or fronting; it’s simply an explanation for Reyhane’s lack of (appearance) resemblance to the seen Leila!

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February 18, 2023 | 3:48 am