Rare Sighting of Homa Saadat Bird: Discover the Legendary Bearded Vulture

Diet and Feeding Habits: What sets the bearded vulture apart is its specialized diet, consisting of 70–90% bone. The bird’s unique feeding behavior, dropping large bones from heights to break them into smaller pieces, plays a crucial role in ecological systems by preventing the spread of disease through carcasses. This ecological contribution enhances the mystique surrounding the bearded vulture, showcasing its vital role in maintaining the balance of nature.

Distribution and Conservation: Despite its widespread presence in mountainous regions across continents, the bearded vulture faces conservation challenges. Classified as “Near Threatened” on the IUCN Red List, the species encounters threats such as habitat loss, collisions with energy infrastructure, reduced food availability, and human persecution. The conservation efforts are not only about protecting a species but also safeguarding a cultural symbol deeply intertwined with the identity of the Iranian people.

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February 24, 2024 | 11:09 pm