6 Powerful Reasons to Support Massoud Pezeshkian for the 2024 Presidential Election

Massoud Pezeshkian for the 2024 Presidential Election: Women’s Electoral Conference Backs His Candidacy

The women’s electoral conference supporting Massoud Pezeshkian for the 2024 presidential election was held in Tehran on Friday evening (June 25, 1403). Massoud Pezeshkian (Persian: مسعود پزشکیان; born 29 September 1954) is an Iranian reformist politician who is currently representing the Tabriz, Osku, and Azarshahr electoral district in the Parliament of Iran. He also served as its First Deputy Speaker from 2016 to 2020 and was the Minister of Health between 2001 and 2005 under President Mohammad Khatami.

Pezeshkian’s Political Journey Pezeshkian’s political journey has seen many turns. He ran in the 2013 presidential election but withdrew. In the 2021 election, he was disqualified. However, in 2024, Pezeshkian qualified and is currently running in the presidential election, bringing hope to many reformists in Iran.

Early Life and Education

Born in Mahabad on 29 September 1954, Pezeshkian moved to Zabol in 1973 for military service, where he developed an interest in medicine. During the Iran-Iraq war, he served as both a soldier and a doctor. Pezeshkian’s dedication to medicine continued, despite personal tragedy; he lost his wife, a gynecologist, and one of his children in a car accident in 1994, after which he never remarried.

Pezeshkian completed his general practitioner course in 1985 and began teaching physiology at a medical college. He obtained his specialty in general surgery from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in 1990 and later received a subspecialty in cardiac surgery from Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1993.

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June 14, 2024 | 8:14 pm