5 Lovely Moments: Pouria Zeraati and Oldouz Rezvani’s Journey Unveiled


As if stepping into advocacy with his partner, Oldouz Rezvani, wasn’t enough, Pouria Zeraati took it to another level by joining Manoto TV as a producer and editor. Before that, he was only an ambitious graduate from Brunel University. What we know is that he studied mechanical engineering before shifting his focus towards media influence.

Pouria Zeraati’s tireless work for LGBTQ+ rights in Iran has undoubtedly changed the landscape there. His passion sparked conversations that could possibly lead to real change. We think it’s safe to say that this man is determined to be heard.

With family ties to the imperial regime, it’s no wonder why the flame in Pouria has spread like wildfire over the years. It’s rumored that he’s also friends with Reza Pahlavi, who has been known as a powerhouse when it comes to politics in Iran.

Manoto TV serves as a platform where people gather information about what goes on socio-politically in Iran. But you wouldn’t believe what they face behind closed doors! Undisclosed sources financially support their mission to keep people informed and educated.

Programs built by Pouria, such as “Sham,” “Stage,” and “Takhar Khabar,” do more than just entertain viewers. They are designed to provoke thought and bring people together through meaningful dialogue.

The number of lives this duo has touched through the power of media is mind-blowing. Iranians, both inside and outside the country, are grateful for what they’ve done.

Pouria Zeraati’s journey, alongside that of Oldouz Rezvani, will be studied for years to come.

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March 26, 2024 | 1:37 pm