Photos of Shiva Ebrahimi without mandatory hijab

Shiva Ebrahimi is married, and his wife is a person named Behnam Khodayari. The couple has a daughter named Nafs. Nafs, the daughter of Shiva Ebrahimi, was born in the city of Pune, India. Shiva Ebrahimi posted a picture of herself without a hijab on her Instagram page in protest against the mandatory hijab and the killing of Mahsa Amini by the Irshad patrol and wrote: I am a woman who has been wearing a headscarf for years due to coercion and fear, but it was never by my will. And it will not be. This is in response to someone who falsely said that women observe hijab of their own accord and that no one has forced them to do so.

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March 12, 2023 | 9:40 pm