Explosive Allegations: Parsa Pirozfar Accused of 18-Year Secret Relationship and Immorality


The entertainment world has always been filled with mystery, but few scandals have ever gripped the public’s attention like that that surrounds Parsa Pirozfar. Pirozfar has been active in both the theater and film industries for a long time now, a career that has culminated in his presentations on stage and screen. However, there is another side to this tale away from the limelight: secrecy, manipulation, and alleged immorality.

These allegations began with claims made by Bahare Mosadeghian, an actress who says she had an illicit affair with Parsa Piorozfar for 18 years. On social media, Mosadeghian posted these revelations, which have really shaken up the industry, causing soul-searching and demands for accountability.

But who is Parsa Pirozfar, and what led to these damning accusations?

Pirozfar was born into a military family on the 22nd day of Shahrivar, 1351, in Sultan Abad, Tehran. He had a creative and ambitious childhood. During his school days, he got involved with comic strips and graphic design, thus setting the stage for his future career in the arts. Subsequently, Pirozfar became one of the most versatile actors in town. His performances on stage earned him accolades, while his film work made him a household name. However, beneath this façade of triumph lay whispers of wrongdoing.

These speculations have been brought to light by Bahare Mosadeghian’s allegations against Pirozfar, which have exposed his dark side. Their relationship, according to Mosadeghian, was characterized by manipulation and deceit, with allegations that Pirozfar misused his position and status quo.

Timing is crucial, as these accusations came just before Pirozfar’s new movie, “Drunk on Love, was released. Some people consider that Mosadeghian did this due to her desire to destroy Parsa’s professional life, but others consider her brave as she is blowing a whistle against those in power.

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April 9, 2024 | 7:49 pm