Omid Esmailkhani, son of the Actress “Gohar Kheirandish” in Germany

Gohar Khairandish was born in Shiraz in 1333. In 1349, while in high school, his activities started with the theater group in Shiraz, and it was in this year that he met Jamshid Ismailkhani, and this acquaintance led to the marriage of the two. The result of this marriage is a son and two daughters named Omid, Azadeh, and Anahita. He and his wife engaged in theater activities in Shiraz, and he was also an employee of the Shiraz Culture and Art Department. He was accepted to the university in 1357 and came to Tehran with his wife and children. Besides studying, he works in theater and also becomes an expert in the artistic affairs of Tehran province.

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September 4, 2022 | 6:46 pm