Embracing Winter 2024 Bliss: Unveiling Noor and Farah Pahlavi’s Regal Retreat in Aspen, Colorado

Noor and Farah Pahlavi: Winter Bliss in Aspen, Colorado

The winter wonderland of Aspen, Colorado, played host to the serene holiday escapade of Noor and Farah Pahlavi in January. In this exclusive insight into their winter retreat, we unravel the enchanting moments shared by this distinguished Iranian royal pair amidst Aspen’s snowy landscapes.

Capturing the Charms of Aspen: A Royal Holiday

As Noor Pahlavi and his grandmother, Farah Pahlavi, immersed themselves in the winter allure of Aspen, the picturesque scenery became a canvas for their shared moments. From the pristine slopes to cozy chalets, the royal duo embraced the magic of Aspen, creating memories that transcend the political narratives often associated with their family.

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January 6, 2024 | 9:15 am